LEWISTON – Arnett’s Martial Arts America Rivals Group launched 4 feminine karate athletes to the Ozawa Cup Worldwide Karate Event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The tournament had athletes from Throughout the globe and it was A very strong competition.” Melissa Svancara said.

Rhyli, Roen, and Kya launched 4 Gprevious Medals and 1 Bronze Medal again to the Valley!

Rhyli Shares- 1st Place 13-14-yr-previous Females Black Belt Kumite, 1st Place 13-14-yr-previous Females Black Belt WUKF Kumite, Third Place in 13-14-Year-Old Females Black Belt Kobudo (Weapons)

Roen Howlett- 1st Place in 10-12-yr-previous Females Intermediate Brown Belt Kumite
Kya Svancara- 1st Place in 7-yr-previous Females Intermediate Kumite

Source: https://dailyfly.com/arnetts-martial-arts-america-wins-big-in-las-vegas/