A centre claiming themselves as a Family martial arts centre recently opened in Stirchley, Birmingham in the previous year. Since then, it has been thriving with participants joining the club from all diverse backgrounds. The centre offers a variety of martial arts akin to people’s fancy. Brazilian jiu jitsu, Kickboxing, self-defence, and Grappling/Groundwork are examples of the services they provide.

The centre is designed to be an ultimate family-friendly centre that is inviting to all people. They serve children classes, adult classes, and women only classes. Moreover, they also tackle some schools and have an employment of trainers at the level of a minimum black belt. The colour scheme used to highlight the ambitions they continue to target you with brings forward a rush of adrenaline as the red and black truly highlight the active participation that takes place.


As we combat further into our discovery of the martial arts, people have commented on what they think the club entails for the youth and similarly, what the organisation wishes to achieve. The focus based on the organisation is to ‘improve confidence’, ‘learn safety on the streets’, ‘to work through mental health’. The effect of these aspirations is reflected as a participant of this centre states that “the activity and the workout help me overcome the need to smoke and allows me to release my strength”. One of the instructions himself says that “I believe that this is such a good and unique way of tackling mental health, I’ve suffered bullying in my younger years, and this is a great way of gaining confidence.”

In the effect of such a fantastic opportunity to tackle combat aspects of life, the centre is till in search of recruiting more and more participants. Do you want to join this martial arts club? Do you want to prepare yourself for the real world? If you do Kombat Martial Arts is at your service!