Anderson Silva has given some of the iconic moments in the history of mixed martial arts events. Thanks to his childhood training in Wing Chun, the 47-year-old was equipped with some of the deadly moves. Silva has delivered some of the most iconic fights in the history of UFC. However, it was the constant inspiration coming from the legend of martial arts that kept him pushing further. Silva has done what many people can’t even think of. And The Spider gives all the credit to his inspiration, Bruce Lee for his achievements. 

The Facebook page of Wing Chun, a martial art community has recently posted a statement of “The Spiderman” of UFC. Silva revealed the influence of his idleness in his life and mindset. 

Anderson Silva revealed the impact of Bruce Lee’s Heroics


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Anderson Silva spent his entire childhood learning and sharpening his skills. However, the turning point came when he joined the Wing Chun community to escalate his skills to an expert level. This was the turning point in his life as he got to know more about the revolutionary martial artist. 

Silva revealed how the Little Phoenix completely transformed his opinion about life and sports. “Bruce[Completely Changed] my life when I was young. I trained in Wing Chun for many years and it helped me to win my fights” he said.  He further added that Lee has become an integral part of his life as Lee’s ideas have helped him to succeed in his profession. 


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The statement is getting mixed feedback from netizens. While many fans are loving Silva’s idea of acknowledging how Lee’s philosophies have helped me through and through, some people flooded the comment box with sarcastic compliments.

Fans give Silva a tough time

Considering the stature of Silva in the MMA community, even a little comment from Spiderman creates a buzz in the community. The recent statement saw a range of fan reactions. While some of them adored him, others gave him a tough time. A fan innocently asked what could’ve been the result of a match between Lee and Jake Paul. “Wonder if Bruce Lee could’ve beaten Jake Paul,he asked to mock Silva’s defeat against Paul last year. 


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Another fan revealed that Silva’s deadly move was actually an inclusion from Wing Chun. He wrote,The front kick Anderson used so effectively is a Wing Chun kick it’s so quick and tough to defend!”  

Another critical fan mocked him and wrote “He really wasn’t that good to be bragging he knows wing Chun…must not have been practicing much”. Another fan believed that UFC is an insult to Wing Chun’s skills. “If you trained in Wing Chun for many years then you being in the UFC is an insult to authentic Wing Chun,” he wrote. 


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Another man went further and reminded people of the infamous fight against Logan Paul. “You lost to YouTube champ Logan,” he wrote. While fans keep giving their take on the issue, what do you think about Anderson Silva‘s statement? Do let us know in the comment box.