Jeff Kash, proprietor and head teacher of the Laguna Seashore Dojo, leads school-age scholars by way of A class. Photograph courtesy of Laguna Seashore Dojo

By Stephanie Wander
As you stroll previous the Laguna Greeter, it’s not unwidespread to see scholars off all ages clad in white and black gis (martworkial artworks uniforms) and colourful belts on their Method to the Laguna Seashore Dojo. And, if one sprints up The steps previous Gina’s pizza, it Might be as a Outcome of a dozen burpees await People who are late to class.

Jeff Kash, proprietor and head teacher of the Laguna Seashore Dojo, is celebrating 20 yrs practiceing Inside the Laguna Seashore group this month. In 2020, the dojo moved to its current space above Oak Restaurant. To rejoice, Kash will host a Twentieth Birthday celebration at Bluebird Park from noon to 4 p.m. on June 11. All are welcome collectively with previous, current, and scholars.

“It’s been a privilege to be An factor of such An excellent group for 20 yrs. I’m proud to have had a hand in serving to so many Laguna Seashore youngsters develop and Become superb people by way of their apply in martworkial artworks,” Kash said.

Laguna Seashore Highschool scholar Kate Mfullly differentway has studied with Kash since factorary school.

“The 20 th anniversary is a celebration of On A daily basis Grasp Kash has devoted to enhancing his scholars’ lives. Teaching with Grasp Kash isn’t your regular scholar-practiceer relationship. I might not be the particular person I am right now if it wasn’t for him,” Mfullly differentway said.

Stephanie Byerly, an grpersonalup scholar On the Dojo whose youngsters studied beneath Kash remarked, “He compels respect, self-discipline, power, and humor Inside The youngsters. And he acquired my son to say ‘sure ma’am’ As quickly as I requested him to do dishes.”

The Laguna Seashore Dojo combines a 2,000-yr-previous martworkial artwork apply, Shaolin Kempo, with trfinishy Karate and impartworks it with a laid-again, househprevious-frifinishly vibe. It’s widespread To Take heed to scholars laughing with Every fullly different as they work on “Types” or “Kempos,” martworkial artworks routines Which have been handed dpersonal for generations.

The curriculum focuses on self-protection, health, and life expertise collectively with character enhancement.

“Character might Appear to be an Old type notion, However it’s actually about creating strong habits that assist each scholar To Wind up to be Definitely one of the biggest mannequin of themself. Finally, it’s how I Take A look at practiceing martworkial artworks too, there’s no strain to do somefactor Apartwork from to try your biggest and enhance little by little,” Kash said.

The dojo’s scholars differ from ages three to 81. Over the course of his profession, Kash has educated over 2,500 scholars, collectively with 37 Who’ve made it to Blackbelt and 10 Who’ve earned their Second-Diploma Blackbelts.

Kash attained Sixth Diploma Blackbelt in 2018 at a Shaolin Temple in China after turning Proper into a Grasp a quantity of yrs prior.

A Sort of Second-Diploma Blackbelt scholars is Sensei Teague Vanderbeek who studied with Kash for almost 20 yrs Since the age Of 5. After a stint as a Laguna Seashore Dojo teacher, Vanderbeek is leaving this month to open his personal affiliated dojo in Utah.

“Definitely one of many factors I take pleasure in In all probability the most about his practiceing is that right As quickly as I really feel I am going to have one factor decided out, he finds A mannequin new Method to get me To imagine about it that assists me Know it extra and problems me A lot extra in my practiceing and enhancement, However it On A daily basis makes me A greater martworkial artworkist and particular person,” Vanderbeek said.

Although it Might be straightforward To Wind up to be complacent after 20 yrs, Kash nonetheless problems himself. He continues To practice Together with his personal teacher and discover fullly different martworkial artworks.

“Truthfully, extra of the problems are psychological now. I’ve to work To merely settle for the place my physique is, be extra self-disciplined about practiceing To take care of what I’ve, And that i’ve Needed To enhance my psychological applys, like meditation,” Kash said.

He’s additionally flexed his entrepreneurial muscle by co-creating, An internet-based mostly practiceing platform for aspiring martworkial artworkists who can’t attfinish a dojo in particular person.

Reflecting on 20 yrs of studying and practiceing Karate, Kash said, “These People who full the journey of attaining Blackbelt can’t assist however overcome some vital problems and obstacles. In committing to that and seeing it by way of, you study Tons about your self, what You are In a place to, and actually You can Deal with Nearly any problem that comes at you Because you’ve already Dealt with it Indirectly on the mats.”

Stephanie is a Laguna Seashore resident and current scholar On the Laguna Seashore Dojo.

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