TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Patrick Overbey of Master Overbey’s in Topeka talked with 13 NEWS about how to defend yourself or act as a bystander if you or someone else is caught up in a situation involving assault. This comes after Tuesday’s assault on Huntoon & Wanamaker that sent one person to the hospital.

Zunzella McBride, 40, was arrested Tuesday in connection with aggravated battery, interference with law enforcement and misdemeanor criminal damage to property. McBride was accused of assaulting and injuring a worker at Academy Sports before hitting a delivery driver with a stick and throwing a rock into a car driven by 13 Sports Director Vince Lovergine.

“If it’s possible, turn and run or use your environment, which means use something that you can use as a shield, throw at the person or use as an obstacle,” Overbey said. “Also, just using your voice — If it’s a situation where you can just yell and attract attention to get other people to come and intervene.”

Overbey also gave tips for bystanders. “We try to teach our students to have the courage to not be a bystander, but to be an ‘up-stander’,” Overbey said. “One possibility is to just go and intervene, and that may involve using some kind of object that you could use against the person. If you feel like it’s not the wisest choice, then just call for help and get more people to come in and manage the situation.”

Overbey also added that he is hosting a women’s self-defense course in January. 13 NEWS will give more information when it’s available.