1. Pre-studying questions

1. Do You’d like to watch previous Hong Kong martworkial artworks films?

2. Who’s your favourite Hong Kong martworkial artworks actor or director? Why?

3. Do you assume There’s any hope for Hong Kong to return to its filmmaking heyday from the Nineteen Sixties to the Nineteen Eighties?

2. Comprehension

Study The subsequent textual content material and reply questions 1-18.

Supply: Tailored from “From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan and John Woo, how martworkial artworks films recurrent Hong Kong each regionally and overseas” by Richard James Havis, South China Morning Submit, 8 Might 2022.


1. Which phrase in paragraph 1 refers to critical inventive ideas?

2. The primary objective of paragraph 2 is to …

A. Clarify why Hong Kong’s martworkial artworks films have been greater than American Westerns.

B. current how American Westerns have been greater than Hong Kong’s martworkial artworks films.

C. current how American Westerns affected Hong Kong films.

D. examine American Westerns with Hong Kong martworkial artworks films.

3. Based mostly on paragraph 3, SCMP’s martworkial artworks film column …

A. will focus extra on native tradition.

B. will Think about films from the previous two years.

C. will come to an finish.

D. will Discover your self to be extra properly-appreciated.

4. Based mostly on paragraph 3, what did director Lau Kar-leung Think about?

5. Uncover a phrase or phrase in paragraph 3 that has An identical which means to “stored for future generations”.

6. In line 18, what does “its” Check with?

7. Decide whether or not The subsequent assertions are True, False, or The information is Not Given in paragraphs 6 And seven. Fill in Ssuggest one circle for every assertion. (4 marks)

(i) The rising tide of Chinese language nationwideism assisted make Bruce Lee A world star.

(ii) Bruce Lee was extra properly-appreciated than Jacky Chan in Hong Kong.

(iii) The success of martworkial artworks films Inside the early Nineteen Nineties was all about primaryland China from Hong Kong perspective.

(iv) Tsui Hark’s films mirrored the uncertainty and confusion in Hong Kong about its place On the eartworkh.

8. Who or what does “it” (line 30) Check with?

9. Full The subsequent paragraph based on The information in paragraph 8 by writing ONE phrase in every clear under. Use The proper Sort of the phrase. (4 marks)

Hong Kong turned (i) _______________ Throughout the globe As a Outcome of of its martworkial artworks films. As a Outcome of of Bruce Lee, who reprimarys (ii) _______________ with SCMP readers even right now, kung fu startworked to (iii) _______________ Inside the West startworking in 1973. Abroad audiences found his (iv) _______________ of underdogs interesting.

10. The phrase “Tinselmetropolis” in line 41 refers to …

A. Hong Kong.

B. Hollywood.

C. the US.

D. the West.

11. In line 49, “the style” refers to _______________________ films.

12. In line 50, what does “The metropolis has moved on” suggest?

A. A lot of the actors and directors have left.

B. Many people have left Hong Kong.

C. Hong Kong people have new pursuits.

D. Hong Kong people don’t like martworkial artworks any extra.

13. Uncover a phrase in paragraph 11 Meaning “there are fewer gifted actors”.

14. What’s the tone of The author in paragraph 12?

A. wistful

B. indignant

C. incompletely different

D. confused

15. Uncover a phrase or phrase in paragraph 12 That would Get changed by “intellectuals”.

16. Refer to paragraphs 1, 3 and 12. For every paragraph, what Can be Definitely one of the biggest heading? Match the headings in The biggest column with paragraphs 1, 3 and 12. Two headings Aren’t used. (3 marks)

17. Use The information Inside the artworkicle to match every well-known actor or director (A to H) to their options or powers under (i to viii). Write the letter of the particular person on The road subsequent to the power. One power does not relate to any of the people, so choose “H. Not said”. (8 marks)

18. How does The author exactly feel Regarding The prime of SCMP’s weekly martworkial artworks film column?

A. confused

B. reflective

C. impartial

D. indignant

3. Vocabulary Apply

  • aspiration (n) (line 3) – strong want to do one factor  

  • real (adj) (line 11) – exact, not A duplicate

  • catapult (vb) (line 34) – launch one factor or somephysique shortly

  • charisma (n) (line 22) – A strong particular personal extreme quality that some people have That attracts and impresses completely differents

  • choreographer (n) (line 12) – A One which arranges and designs sequences of staged fight Utilized in film

  • compfinishium (n) (line 60) – a concise however complete abstract Of labors

  • looming (adj) (line 27) – one factor critical or threatening, More probably to happen quickly

  • permeate (vb) (line 10) – unfprevious by way of every An factor of one factor

  • phenomenal (adj) (line 2) – very good, large, superb

  • spearhead (vb) (line 19) – lead

Place one phrase from the area in every clear, using The proper Sort of the phrase.

1. A mannequin new Bruce Lee film is presently in enhancement, __________ and directed by his daughter, Shannon.

2. There was On A daily basis a cloud __________ over our face-to-face packages – The potential Of latest waves of the native outbreak of Covid-19.

3. She has written a __________ Quantity of books, which earned her A spot Inside the Guinness E-book of World Data.

4. The information media latched onto his speech and __________ him to nationwide prominence.

5. She was On A daily basis a nature lover and talked about her __________ To Wind up to be a wildlife photographer.

6. To assist Michael learn extra Regarding the pure historic previous of Scotland, Steven has proven him a __________ To current him a broader understanding of The primeic.

7. He knew immediately that he was alive, As a Outcome of of searing ache __________ every cubic centimetre of his physique.

8. Some partworks of the Hollywood star’s life story are so unbelievable that It is in all probability not __________.

9. It’s The identical impulse that drives superstar worship: that attraction, even adoration, audiences exactly feel in the direction of these possessed Of excellent __________ and bodily attractiveness.

10. The wrestle __________ job is to know when To use and stage acrobatic strikes and daring stunts Inside the wrestle scene.

4. Writing

Write about 400 phrases on The subsequent primeic:

You are the chairparticular person of your school’s Film Membership. The club members are Considering about organising A critical film exhibition about Hong Kong’s martworkial artworks film heyday from the Nineteen Sixties to the Nineteen Eighties. Some secondary schools in our neighbourhood have agreed to contrihowevere to the enterprise. The club members are prepared to work Freed from cost. You estimate That it will value about HK$30,000 for All of the exhibition supplies and on-line assist.

Write a letter to Mr John Lee, the chairman of ABC Agency, which is Well-acknowledged for its efforts to protect Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, asking for a donation. Think about mentioning the exhibition’s objective, An in depth plan, scholar containment, a monetary plan, the cultural worth and the promotion of The company’s identify and containment. Signal your letter as Chris Wong.

Yuen Woo-ping (left) and Donnie Yen (proper) on the set of Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019).


1. Pre-studying pattern responses

1. Do You’d like to watch previous Hong Kong martworkial artworks films?

(a) Sure, I Want to watch them As quickly as Shortly, primarily with my mom and father and grandmom and father, Because it brings again reminiscences of their youthfuler days.

(b) I watched Lots of them Prior to now, however I exactly feel once is enough. I choose trfinishy martworkial artworks films As a Outcome of the digital camera work and choreography is so Tons greater than Inside the previous films. But I respect the previous Hong Kong martworkial artworks films for introducing me to the martworkial artworks style.

2. Who’s your favourite Hong Kong martworkial artworks actor or director? Why?

Bruce Lee is my all-time favourite martworkial artworks actor. He had unbelievable velocity and expertise, and he virtually singlehandedly made Hong Kong martworkial artworks films A worldwide success.

3. Do you assume There’s any hope for Hong Kong to return to its film-making heyday from the sixties to the eighties?

No, I exactly feel the Hong Kong market Is method too small to make a distinction. Movies again then Might be made on A very low price range, however now most films require An monumental funding, They typically Want to attraction to The huge primaryland market In the event that they are going to Obtain success. So it Is sensible for prime Hong Kong appearing and directing expertise to work Inside the primaryland In the event that they’ve to succeed.

2. Studying comprehension (33 marks)

1. extremebrow

2. D

3. C

4. southern types of kung fu

5. protectd for posterity

6. Hong Kong’s

7. (1) F (ii) NG (iii) T (iv) F

8. (Hong Kong) tradition

9. (i) well-known/properly-appreciated (ii) properly-appreciated (iii) progress (iv) portrayal

10. B

11. martworkial artworks/kung fu

12. C

13. The expertise pool has shrunk.

14. A

15. literati

16. (i) D (ii) B (iii) A

17. (i) A (ii) G (iii) H (iv) C (v) E (vi) F (vii) B (viii) D

18. B

3. Vocabulary practice

1. spearheaded

2. looming

3. phenomenal

4. catapulted

5. aspiration(s)

6. compfinishium

7. permeating

8. real

9. charisma

10. choreographer’s

4. Writing pattern letter (452 phrases)

Pricey Mr Lee

The Film Membership at my school Want to organise a cultural heritage exhibition about Hong Kong’s martworkial artworks film heyday from the Nineteen Sixties to the Nineteen Eighties. We consider that Higher than Ancompletely different problem, this enterprise launched Hong Kong to the world whereas Making a lot of enjoyment for film-goers Throughout the globe, Not only these Considering about martworkial artworks films. We wish to assist protect and promote this useful An factor of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.

We now have talked about The thought of a joint effort Amongst The numerous film golf equipment in 5 secondary schools in our neighbourhood, And they are all Considering about contrihowevering to the enterprise. This will contain creating posters And information boards and organising video clips of memorable scenes in well-known Hong Kong martworkial artworks films. We wish to package deal the exhibition supplies So as that they are typically safely moved from school To Highschool with out damaging them.

This will require A lot Of labor, In exactity, However the members of our club and of these in neighbouring schools are prepared to work for no cost. We now have additionally requested members of our schools’ artwork golf equipment to assist, and So far the response has been constructive. We’re assured that We will produce Educated and fascinating exhibition.

However, there are some vital prices containd: pretty A pair of currentation boards and posters, packaging supplies To maneuver the exhibition from school To Highschool, stands, a video enterpriseor and display, a devoted internet website, and so forth.

All of us know Your group has been deeply containd in preserving the historic and cultural heritage of Hong Kong In lots of useful tasks, and we marvel Do You’d like to Can be Considering about assisting this exhibition. The club members are prepared to work Freed from cost, regardless of the prolonged hours Of labor anticipated, however we estimate that the supplies listed Inside the earlier paragraph will value about HK$30,000. Would you be prepared to assist the exhibition with a HK$30,000 donation? In that case, We’d be joyful To promote Your group’s identify on All The information boards, posters and on-line promotions As a Outcome of the solely sponsor of the exhibition. I’ve enclosed a pattern poster And information board In your reference.

We consider this exhibition Can be distinctive in Hong Kong, and that It’d protect And enhance consciousness of An important An factor of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, notably among Hong Kong’s youthful people. Of course, scholars’ househpreviouss and completely different members of the group would Even be invited to the exhibitions Inside The numerous schools. We Can be joyful to be associated Collectively with Your group, given your stellar popularity in preserving and promoting Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong


Sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Membership

Source: https://www.scmp.com/yp/learn/learning-resources/english-exercises/article/3185207/study-buddy-bruce-lee-jackie-chan-and