A martworkial artworks professional from Tamil Nadu’s Chennai died after demonstrating his artwork for a YouTube channel on Sunday. A probe into his demise is underway.

Giridharan was getting ready for the demonstration with out relaxation for the previous few days. (Photograph: India Right now)

Giridharan, a 29-yr-previous Kalari Payattu teacher from Tamil Nadu handed away minutes after performing and explaining intricacies Associated to the martworkial artworks, all by way of an interview for a YouTube channel.

On Sunday, he demonstrated martworkial artworks expertise to a crew who have been recording the video for the YouTube channel. Minutes later, Giridharan collapsed on The underside and was rushed to An in depth-by hospital. He was declared launched lifeless.

The police have been educated Regarding the incident and Giridharan’s physique was returned to his househprevious after post-mortem. Whereas the cops are ready for An in depth post-mortem report, Giridharan was said to have been practising rigorously for the YouTube interview, with out relaxation.

The channel affiliate, however, claimed that the interview had gone on For Decrease than 5 minutes as he complained of uneasiness and requested to postpone The The rest of the shoot after demonstrating his artwork.

He owned and operated a martworkial artworks school named Kalariyil Kshatriya at Chennai’s Valsaravakkam for the previous six yrs.

Further investigation into his demise is underway.

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/tamil-nadu-kalari-martial-arts-expert-collapses-dies-youtube-video-1965099-2022-06-21