Strongman Martins Licis has educated with rappers and doc-breaking powerenhanceers on his YouTube channel, and in his Latest video he has the “phenomenal alternative” To practice with champion martial artist and grappler Gordon Ryan, Who’s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu 1st-diploma black belt and extensively regarded by many to be Definitely one of many all-time greats of the self-discipline.

He is joined by fellow former World’s Strongest Man title-holder Hafthor Bjornsson, a.k.a. The Mountain, who recently introduced his return to the world of aggressive powerenhanceing after spending A pair of years dedicating his teaching to boxing. “People this huge And extremely effective Ought to not be allowed to study jiu-jitsu,” jokes Ryan. “It is like dishonest.”

demonstrates some submission holds, then has The two strongmen apply on Every completely different earlier than they Deal with The primary man himself—and whereas their method Might Even be juvenile, their sheer mass and brute power do show to be belongings. Particularly, Ryan struggles with Thor’s peak: “His torso is so prolonged… my hips have beenn’t over his hips like they have been Alleged to be,” he says. “I had my toes Inside The floor and Needed to drive forward as a Outcome of he’s so huge.”

When requested about how he builds power, Ryan explains that he practices weights three or 4 occasions Every week, however that he has found it’s important To Search out The biggest stability. “All of it Relies upon upon How briskly You should get good at jiu-jitsu,” he says. “The extra mat time You’ve, the extra weight You are going to lose, the much less You are going to enhance. All of it Relies upon upon what You should do.”

Licis and Bjornsson then face off in the direction of Every completely different using what They’ve found, with Licis worthwhile the match—however not earlier than he has utterly exhausted himself.

“I am going to take An prolonged nap,” he says. “Thor And that i acquired humbled right now… however now I am impressed to do some extra jiu-jitsu.”

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