Jackie Chan once said, “When you are learning about a martial art, it is about respect”. One of the main principles that martial arts are said to teach, is how to treat one another with respect and humility. However, looking at it from the perspective of combat sports, makes the situation somewhat different. When you get into the fight business, you implicitly agree to engage in trash-talking, disputes, and altercations. In MMA, Boxing, and almost every other combat sport, it is common and frequently observed.

Combat sports, in general, are a very complex field where a lot happens both during and after the match. They do not follow the martial arts’ traditional code of conduct. And a recent viral video demonstrates exactly the same. It shows the climactic moments of an MMA battle, where one fighter can be seen taunting his opponent before landing a vicious head-kick on him that sent him crashing to the canvas. And the MMA faithfuls are furious over witnessing such disrespect in the sport.


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Although there are moments in MMA where the fighters show immense respect towards their opponents. But then again, there are times when the fighters get too cocky and the focus is solely on putting the opponent down, in every literal sense. And that is what happened at a Russian MMA promotion.

The MMA community slams the disrespectful act in the fight

In the clip from an MMA fight, the fighter went on to show his opponent a middle finger right before knocking him out cold with a devastating kick to the head. And that drew criticism from MMA devotees as well as Alyse Anderson, the ONE Championship fighter.

Check out the fans reacted to this divisive last moment of the fight.

ONE Championship fighter, Alyse Anderson, took offense to the behaviour. He said, “What a bad look from that dude why even do that? What happened to respect in martial arts ):”

And a few others found this action to be disrespectful. Fans commented,

“Unnecessary hits after and trash sportsmanship. Lamee everyone wanna be the cool trash talker/taunter 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾”

“He’d hafto meet me at the parking lot later cuz I ain’t letting that ish slide fr fr”

“Naw that’s pure disrespect..”

“Please stop describing things as cold”

“This is the dude that gets ko’d his next fight and nobody feels bad.”

Then came in the Nate Diaz reference by one user

“only respectable if your last name diaz”


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Another fan stated that this is something Israel Adesanya would do against Alex Pereira in their rematch.

“Izzy gonna do this in the rematch”

All things considered, the knockdown was nasty, yet the action before is regarded to be absolutely unnecessary and insulting.


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What do you think of it? Was it ‘tactical’ or ‘disrespectful’? Let us know in the comments below.

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